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Memoria Press-Geography I {TOS REVIEW}

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We were so excited to find out we were chosen to review Geography I from Memoria Press.  One thing our family loves to study  about is other countries.  Another thing we love is Memoria Press!!  The books are just perfect for our family!  Especially since our daughter has some special needs when it comes to learning. 

As a part of TOS Homeschool Review Crew, we were sent 5 books to review.  All of these are a part of the Geography I curriculum.  You can purchase the whole curriculum from the Memoria Press website.  The cost is $48.00 and is suggested for grades fourth and up.  You can purchase each book individually but the package is the best deal for your dollar.

Teacher Guide
Student Text
Student Workbook

We had just gone through the United States and capitols this past school year.  So it was nice to give Hannah a review of these.  She worked through the text fairly well.  I did not want to spend too much time on the states since we had just gone through them.

We decided to work through the section on Central Europe for our review.  It is suggested that you work through at least 2-3 countries per week.  That would not work for our family.  It takes our daughter a while to absorb the information.  If we did not take our time she would completely shut down when it came to Geography.  That is the joy of homeschooling!!  You can do what works for your family.

We started out in France.  We read through the section about France.  The reading in the student text is a nice size bit of information. 
The maps in the student text are wonderful!  Many times when there are maps in a student textbook they are either way too small, or so crowded that it is hard to see what is what on them.

The Teacher's Guide has the same thing as the student workbook but with the answers.  I liked having my own copy in front of me.  It is difficult to teach upside down when my daughter is working on her copy.  Also included in the Teacher's Guide are the tests and quizzes. 

As Hannah went through the textbook she also filled in her worksheets.  This was nice because she felt like she had a good grasp of the information to work independently.  I love seeing her branching out on her own.

As you can see this will fit your student no matter what their learning style may be.  You can work as quickly or as slowly as needed.  Of course if you move slowly you may not get through the whole book. 

When your child looks at you with that "I understand this" face you will understand the joy that Memoria Press brings to our lives.  We look forward to moving through this whole curriculum this fall.  I plan on adding a few things to it.  I want it to be as real to Hannah as possible.  I was thinking perhaps we would prepare particular dishes from each country, or learn how they dress there.  The list could go on and on.  I am also looking into a couple of their other products like The Book of Insects and Astronomy.


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