Monday, June 3, 2013

How we choose curriculum

Let me start off by saying, you must find what works for your family.  This is the way we choose curriculum.  It was not always like this.  When we first started homeschooling I knew nothing about homeschooling.  Some days I still feel I know nothing.

{Seek God's Direction}
We pray and wait.  Waiting has never been a strong quality of mine.  So after 7 years of homeschooling I have realized, if I wait things go so much better.

Around January or February you will begin getting catalogs in the mail.  Especially if you have signed up for them.  It will be overwhelming for you at first.  You will want to purchase everything you see.  You will "HAVE" to have that. So that brings me to the next step.

{Set a Budget}
It is so easy to spend way too much on curriculum.  So sit down with your husband and talk it over. 

Once you have chosen a few that you like do your best to attend a convention.  I have found in my experience that it is best to actually hold the physical copy of the book. 
If you cannot get to a convention then ask around.  Put the word out asking if anyone has used what you are looking at.  Facebook is wonderful for this.  I am blessed to be a Reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  So the website there is a very valuable tool on your search for curriculum.

When asking people just remember, they may love it but it will not work with your family.  Especially if you have a child with special needs.  We have run into that many times.  It also works the other way, they may not like something but it would work perfectly with your family.

So this year we have chosen most of our curriculum.  For the "core" we are going to use "Where the Brook and River Meet".  It is a Literature based curriculum centered around Anne of Green Gables books. 
We have always used the Unit Study approach to education.  It is a great way to teach many different grade levels.  It has also help to develop a love of reading in my children. 

For Social Studies/History we are using "Social Studies Made Simple" and "Honour of Kings"

For Math we are still undecided.  We are looking at "Teaching Textbooks" or "Shiller Math".    Math is an area that is a struggle for our daughter.  So it is a big decision.  We could have purchased either one this past weekend.  But since we were not sure yet we decided to wait. 

I hope this has helped you a little in your homeschooling journey.  I'm looking forward to blogging a lot about our school year.

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