Thursday, March 14, 2013

There's a Ninja in my kitchen!!

This is an amazing piece of kitchen equipment!!  My husband surprised me with this!  I have gone through blenders like socks.  I would get so frustrated at them.  I would have to tip them and tilt them in all directions to keep the stuff moving.  Ice would get built up into the bottom of them and not chop at all.  Not anymore!! 

I've been drooling over these for quite awhile now.  I was dropping hints here and there to my husband.  So when our tax return came in I had a choice to make: a new camera lens or the Ninja.  OH my was that a hard decision for me!! 

Look at the blades in this beautiful creation!  There are 6 count them six! blades.  The instructions say to be very careful because they are sharp.  Ok I will just take their word for it. 

So I decided to make something easy for my first recipe.  Salsa!  I cannot believe how easy this was.  I will never buy salsa from a jar again!!  I may just purchase different kind of tomatoes. 

For this salsa recipe I used:
4 tomatoes
handful of cilantro
2 garlic cloves
1 jalapeno pepper (seeded)
1/2 onion
1 T sugar

I placed all the ingredients into the blender.  I hit the pulse button 5-6 times and it was done!!

I am waiting for my husband to arrive home from work so he can try this out.  It tastes so good!!  So fresh tasting.  I used the hint of lime chips for dipping.  I am addicted!!  This is the perfect addition to our kitchen.  We really want to eat our food in it's purist form.  That is the way God intended our food to be. 

Come back here soon to see what other goodies I make with this.  I plan on replacing at least one meal with a healthy drink.  I am horrible when it comes to eating my breakfast.  But I'm sure I can drink it!  Smoothies are all the rage now.  People have been saying they feel so much better when they drink them.  It's also going to be a great way to get the proper nutrition my body needs.


Farmlife Chick said...

Jen, It looks so good! Fresh salsa yum!!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Ahhh I have a Ninja too! Isn't it awesome!?!

Dawn said...

Considering one now too...had to see what you shared about yours. Thanks!

Debra said...

I have a Ninja too, and I just love it...

And I cannot believe I wasn't following you. Am now. :)

Unknown said...

Oooo...I want one too!!! I make my own baby food and this would be a fantastic tool to have. Thanks for sharing! PS- I am a new follower and fellow Crew member. Love your blog! :)