Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty
1. What's your favorite movie of all times?  The one you've seen multiple times. Little Women is one I never get tired of watching.  I like all of them.
2. Name three things that are permanent residence in your handbag or purse. Prayer notebook, wallet, and rewards keytags.
3. What's the best way to your heart? That I am able to trust you.  I have been hurt so many times by people I trust.  It takes me along time to allow that now.
4. Do you like going to yard sales? Not really.  I'm at the point in my life where I want to purge the stuff we have.  We want to live as simply as we can.
5. If you could slide down a rainbow, what do you think you'd find on the other side? Heaven.  My thinking is this...God gave us the rainbow as His promise to us that He would never again flood the earth.  Other than that I don't believe in all of the folklore that is associated with it.


Karen said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. We are a homeschooling family, too. You have a lovely blog--and I am a new follower. Karen

Jubilee Reviews said...

A prayer notebook is an excellent idea! There are so many times things come to my mind when I am out and about and forget about them before I get home. We are decluttering too, if it isn't eternal or much needed, it goes!

Anonymous said...

Jen, it's nice to meet you. I've only read your profile so far...But that was enough..I'm your newest follower :O) You sound like my kind of friend. I've been hurt a lot in the past too. That's why loyalty is the best way into my heart. Have a blessed week & I look forward to reading more of what you have to say :O)

Sherri said...

The above is not anonymous. IDK what just happened.
I'm Sherri over at http://thehomesteaderscottage.blogspot.com/

Madonna said...

I love the book Little Women and I like the older movie version. I agree with the trust issue. Nothing turns me off faster than someone who you can't trust or depend on.

E. said...

i have to ask - which Little Women? the one from 1994 with wiona ryder, claire danes, christian bale, susan sarandon or from 1949 - with Elizabeth Taylor?