Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creamy Vegetable Soup

It has been SO cold here.  Honestly, I would much rather have cold temperatures than hot.  It's much easier for me to warm up than to try and cool down.  Besides, we have not had a real winter here in years.  Last year we hardly saw any snowfall.  It was most rain and mild temperatures most of the winter.
Ok enough rambling! Onto the recipe.  I love soup in any way, shape or form.  Nothing says comfort to me like it.  This recipe is based on the recipe I found in my 101 Hearty Recipes from Gooseberry Patch.  This was the easiest soup to make.
Creamy Vegetable Soup
3/4 cup butter
3/4 cup flour
1-2 cloves minced garlic
1 onion diced
2 cups half-and-half
6 cups chicken or vegetable broth
2 bags of frozen mixed vegetables
1/4 cup cheddar cheese shredded (optional)
Melt the butter in a large soup pot.  Add the flour and whisk until well blended and smooth.  Add the garlic and onion, cook for a few minutes.  Gradually add the half-and-half and stir until blended.  Cook this until is is slightly thickened.  Add the broth of your choice.  Cook until heated through.  Add the mixed vegetables.  Cook on low for 20-25 minutes.  Add the cheese just before serving.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds yummy and perfect for this bone chilling weather! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Blessings, Jen

Anonymous said...

This soup sounds good. I love soups. They always keep me warm in the winter.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. You seem to have a lovely place here. Now I will "follow" along with you. :)


Simply Oils said...

Yum! Looks delicious!

Sandra said...

Love soups, and this one looks so good. Thank you for sharing Jen :)

Stacie said...


This sounds good and the ingredients are simple. This would go great with the cold spell we're having right now!