Friday, December 28, 2012

Menu Planning

I know bloggers all over the blogosphere have been talking about how they create a menu plan.  Since I have never done a post about it I thought I would now.  I have never created a menu before.  For the past 2 years we have been eating the same thing over and over.  With a little variation thrown in.  So one of my goals for the new year is to plan our meals more frequently.  Eventually I would like to get some meals done ahead of time for the freezer.
So here is how I went about doing it.  I asked our kids what they would like to have this week.  Then I grab a few of my cookbooks.  Two of them were new ones I got for Christmas!  I got the new Pioneer Woman's Cookbook and Fix it and Forget It Cookbook.  So I started flipping through the recipes searching for recipes a little different than what we have had the past 2 years.
First I wrote down the dates in my notebook.  Then I wrote down the recipes I wanted to try along with the cookbook I used and page number.  At the bottom of the page I wrote down the ingredients I would need for the recipes.
I am going to do the same thing for our lighter meal of the day as well.  This will be more of simple soups and sandwiches.  Then I can rip off the bottom of the notebook page off and send with my husband to the grocery store.  YES my husband does our grocery shopping.  Although I may take it back over from him OR we might do it together.
So here is our menu:
Saturday~ BBQ Chicken
Sunday~ Quesadillas
Monday~Hungarian Goulash
Tuesday~ Chili
Wednesday~ Pasta with a Pesto Cream Sauce
Thursday~ Mediterranean Burgers
Friday~ Slow Cooker Beef Enchiladas
Proverbs 31:14
"She is like the merchant ships,
She brings her food from afar."


FosterCareQandA said...

Love this idea! And strangely, I never would have thought to ask the kids what they'd like to eat. I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I'll try this tonight!

Jacquelin said...

Good luck in your menu planning! Your menu for the week sounds really good, especially the Mediterranean Burgers, is this in the PW cookbook?