Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cooking Thursday~Ham and Bean Soup

It has been so long since I've participated in Cooking Thursday hosted by Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  With the holidays over I now have time to relax a bit.  December has been such a whirlwind for me.  I completed my degree at Liberty University and then the holidays came up.  I'm looking forward to 2013 with more time to devote to my family.  It should be any day now we hear about approval for foster care.  It seems like ages since we finished our training.
So anyway onto the recipe.  We got a ton of snow yesterday!  It is the largest one day snowfall total we have seen in years.  It was a perfect day for soup!  While we were at our local Mennonite bulk foods store I found this wonderful 13 bean soup mix.  There were 13 different types of dried beans in the package.  Partner that with a left over ham bone and this is what you get!

Ham and Bean Soup
1 ham bone
2 cups of dried beans
1/4 cup molasses
1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
1 small onion
water to cover
Place all the ingredients in the crockpot.  Add enough water to cover.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours.
This soup is so good.  If you let it cook longer it would make baked beans.  Dried beans are a product we will be using more of this year.  They are a great way to feed a family on a limited budget.


Blessed Beyond said...

Looks yummy! We are having beans with ham and cornbread for dinner tonight.


Sandra said...

Yum. I always have dried beans on hand, matter of fact I'm making beans and ham tomorrow with my ham bone :)