Monday, November 12, 2012

Why we chose foster care

Sometimes you watch something that really says exactly what you feel.  This video is just that.  Except told from the point of view of a foster child.  It is her story that we have heard time and time again that led us down this road we are currently on.
This video was done by Cry of the Orphan.  Our future child is out there somewhere facing perhaps the same set of circumstances this young woman has faced.  That breaks my heart, no it brings me to tears.  

The next time you see a child crying in a store, library or public place, show a little compassion.  You do not know what their story is. 
What is God calling you to do?  How will you serve Him?
We are so close to the end of our MAPPS class.  This week we have our panel class.  I am thrilled my parents have decided to attend the class.  They want to meet the people we are going to be working closely with.  We will be able to hear from foster children, case workers, and child protective workers.  Our children will also be going with us this week.  It's great to have such a wonderful support system.


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing- I must share this video! Best of luck on your foster care journey.

Leslie said...

Love this so much! We just got our physicals this week to proceed with the foster application! I'll be following your journey too. I came by to tell you that YOU WON the Suspend game :) Email me your address and I'll forward it to the company. Congrats! owassocc @ sbcglobal . net :)

Gregg said...

Great to hear your story! My wife and I are also foster parents. We completed our classes about the same time you did. There has been a movement of christian families starting the journey of foster care in our community. It think God is moving in the christian community to use families to help children who are suffering. Thank you for what you are doing!