Thursday, November 29, 2012


We have completed the required amount of training for becoming foster parents.  YEA!  We can't believe it went by so fast.  It's hard to believe that ten weeks went just like that.  Our county threw a very nice banquet.  It was actually called "Family Reunion".  It was a night to honor long time foster parents of 50 years!  What a blessing they have been to over 300 children. 

So now we wait....wait for the county to approve our homestudy.  Our caseworker said it could be a while because of the time of year.  It had to go to this person and that person.  I have to admit we were pretty disappointed at that point.  But still we pray.  We know that this is all God.  His timing for everything.

This is preparing us for what is to come.  Waiting for court dates, waiting on the children that will take on our last name, waiting for caseworkers to call us back, waiting for bioparents, it all boils down to us waiting on God.  So here we are waiting.

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