Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honour of Kings~Ancient & American History I

Sometimes a history curriculum just  drops into our laps that is one of the best we have used.  Ok it wasn't really dropped into our was dropped into our computer.  That is the case with Honour of Kings history curriculum.  I have the pleasure of knowing the author, Ellen Gerwitz, pretty well.  See it was Ellen and her family that taught us everything we needed to know about homeschooling.  They were there for us when we had no clue about how to homeschool our children.  Well now that all of their children have graduated Ellen needed something to do.  That is how Honour of Kings was started.
We are about 2 weeks into the program now and I must say we love it.  If you have been a reader of mine for any amount of time you know I try to stay away from curriculum that requires a lot of prep time on my part.  I like using products where the research is all done for me.  I don't enjoy printing a ton of worksheets I know my children will just not like.  That is what you will find here.  Ellen has spend so much time researching all the information for you. 
Honour of Kings has 17 chapters starting with Creation and going through early American history (1776).  This is book one of five she has planned to write.
Chapter one we learned all about the Creation account from the Bible.  What I liked was Ellen included some myths about Creation from other cultures.  It has always interested me on what others think about Creation.
The end of the chapter has a list of comprehension questions and activities.  I had the kids write out the questions in their notebooks.  I find the combination of seeing, feeling and hearing really helps my children retain the information.  For the activity section we choose to complete one activity per day since we school 4 days a week.  These activities were so easy to complete.  Nothing to print, or prepare!  We didn't have to run out to the store for a ton of supplies.  One of the activities that we enjoyed was the one regarding fake and real.  Our daughter has trouble with things that are fake and real.  This was a great activity for her.
I am all for supporting homeschool families and their businesses.  Would you please do me a favor and go check out this curriculum?  You will not be disappointed!!    This whole curriculum can pretty much be done right from the computer.  No printing is necessary!  I love that!
This curriculum is available for $12.50.  You can find the information on their website Honour of Kings.  She has also just completed a test ebook available for $6.50.
If you would like more information about this feel free to email her at
They even have a Facebook page: Honour of Kings

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