Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zoo Whiz

Zoo Whiz is an online learning website for children ages 5-15 years old.  The children get to practice their reading skills, math, word skills, grammar, and vocabulary.  While they are working on their lessons they are earning coins so they can build their zoo.  There are many different skills your child will work on while they build their zoo. 
There is a free account available on the ZooWhiz website.  The premium account is available for $14.95 for the year!  You really can't go wrong with that.  ZooWhiz is still being developed so it will grow as time goes on.
::Our Thoughts::
ZooWhiz is a very cute website.  Our daughter Hannah (15 years old) enjoyed it more than Andrew (13 years old) did.  You start off with the start screen that you see above.  You then navigate through the zoo.  You have "Learn and Earn", "BioDome", "Milestones", and "Arcade" buildings.  As they learned they were able to buy animals for their zoo.  The kids were a little disappointed that they didn't really build a "real" zoo.  It was just a list of what animals you have purchased with your earnings.
But they were able to learn about the different animals in their zoo.  So you can also add science to the list of subjects they have learned.  We are keeping a notebook with the animals we have in our zoo.  This is a great way to keep one child entertained while I was working with another. 
One of Hannah's favorite things was the elephant "taking" us to the next location we have chosen. 
Here is a look at what some of the learning activities look like.  Hannah was working on spelling out numbers.  This was a great lesson for her to work on.
Here is another lesson that was good for the kids.  They had to place the words in the correct order for the sentence. 
When they got a question right it told them right away.  If it were wrong it also told them, then gave them the opportunity to correct it. 
They really liked it.  I think Andrew liked it but would have liked it more if he was really building a zoo.  He wanted to put his animals into one location within a zoo he created.  Hannah liked everything about it.  We are going to continue with this.  It was very helpful when I was working on a lesson with Andrew.  Hannah had something she could do during that time.  AND she was still learning at the same time.  I can't wait to see what they plan on adding.
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Disclaimer~As a member of TOS review crew we got this membership free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own or of my children.

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