Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Eggs~~TOS Crew Review

Reading Eggs is a fun online reading adventure!   This is one program you will not have a problem getting your child to use...boy or girl. 

Reading Eggs has 100 lessons that will keep your child ages 3-8 interested in reading for hours.  It's colorful, engaging and exciting.  The lessons focus on comprehension, writing, spelling and more.    As your child works through the lessons they will earn rewards they can use towards fun items to furnish their "apartments". 

When starting the lessons on Read Eggs your child will be asked to take a reading assessment.  This will give the program an idea of where your child needs to be.  That way they will be right around their own level.  There is nothing more frustrating for a child than to be in over their head or way below their level.

There are a number of options available for you to try out Reading Eggs.  Go on over to Reading Eggs and sign up for a FREE Trial for 14 days!  There are no credit cards required for this.  So you have nothing at all to loose.

If you want to sign up there are a number of options if you want to just sign up:
6 month subscription for $49.95
With either of the above subscriptions you can take advantage of the 50% off for your second and third child.

If you still are not sure you want to commit to a whole year or even 6 months you can opt for the monthly option.  Which is $9.95 per month.  Which is reoccurring.  You can cancel at any time.

Our thoughts:
Our daughter Hannah has learning disabilities and it takes her a lot more time to learn.  But with Reading Eggs she was able to learn larger words than she was use to.  The bright colors on the website and interactive atmosphere.  She was actually begging us to use it.

Our son Andrew loved the library part of it.  He could go and actually read a book there.  It was just like an e-reader.  After finishing up the book he was given a comprehension test.  Not his favorite part but it was mine!!

As a part of TOS Crew we were given this free in exchange for our honest review.

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Mary said...

My kiddos really like the reading eggs. Our weather here in Groton is in the 40's & hitting around 61 this coming week!