Sunday, March 4, 2012

K5 Learning~TOS Homeschool Crew Review

K5 is an online math and reading enrichment program.  Just like as in the name it is geared toward children in grades Kindergarten thru fifth grades. 

With this you are actually getting 4 programs in one:
This area of the program will help your children develop a love for reading.

Focus in this program is on vocabulary.  Building it up one word at a time.

Builds a deep understanding of Math.

Guides your child into a better understanding of math facts.

All of the lessons are based on the assessment of the child.  So if they are struggling in one area you can adjust it so they will learn at their own pace.

You can get a 14 day no obligation, no credit card, free math and reading assessments, FREE Trial!

Regular subscription pricing is available for either monthly or annual installments.

First child....$25
Second child...$15

First Child...$125
Second Child...$129

We really enjoyed using this program.  Like I've mentioned before we have a daughter who has many learning disabilities.  She struggles with pretty much all aspects of learning.  She would sit for hours using this program.  Many of the vocabulary words were difficult for her.  Even the ones in the early grades.  But she was still determined to move through the lessons.  I liked that there isn't a lot of "hoopla" within the program.  Sometimes this becomes overwhelming for kids with learning disabilities.  There is an even amount of "fun" within the program.  In between the lessons the kids can play some pretty neat games. 

Now this is not a complete curriculum.  This is designed to use along with your current curriculum. 

**We were given a free subscription in exchange for our honest review.**

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