Sunday, March 25, 2012

Action Alert~TOS Review

Action Alert is a company that provides Internet safety software for your computers.  We all know about the dangers of allowing your children on the computer alone.  There are so many horrible things they could get into.

Action Alert offers 8 different Internet safety tools:

Access Control and Activity Notification Alerts:
You are able to set up notifications that will be sent to your computer.  You can even have the alerts sent to your phone.  With this you can shut down the computer with one click.

Site Blocking:
You can block certain sites.  The software comes preloaded with some of the known dangerous sites.

Activity Video Recording, Keystroke Logging, Chat and E-mail logging:
You can record up to 60 hours of screen shots taken every minute.  You are able to view what is going on the computer.

Time Allowance:
You can set when and how long the computer can be used.

Action Alert offers 2 versions:
Free Version that gives you the basics to watch what your child is doing.

Maximum Protection Version for $29.99:
fully customizable
multiple users protection
full social networking monitoring

Action Alert has won awards!!

I'm one of those ones who did not think Internet protection was necessary for our family.  Until recently our children were not allowed to use the computer unless they were in the room with us.   Since we moved they each have their own rooms.  So from time to time they like to go be on the computer alone.  

Another reason I do not like Internet protection is the length of time it takes to get it working.  I do not like installing things on the computer.  It always seems to take forever to get it working right.

Action Alert took no time at all to install and get working.  I was VERY impressed.  I was curious on how it all worked so I put some filters in that I knew my kids would look up.  ha ha.  They were not bad sites but I wanted to see how it worked.  My son really enjoys watching videos about monster trucks.  So I allowed him to take the computer and watch them.  He typed it in and i got an email saying he did that.  I yelled up and asked him how he liked the monster truck video.  ha ha.

If you are looking for a very easy, complete Internet safety software then Action Alert is for you!!

**As a member of TOS Homeschool Crew we were given this free in exchange for our honest review.**

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