Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather...
Sunny and 50 degrees today.

On My Reading Pile...
52 Ways to Wow Your Husband
Made To Crave

On My TV...
Homestead Blessings DVD's..I've been watching these over again.  My daughter Hannah has enjoyed watching them with me.

On The Menu For This Week...
Monday~Farmhouse Stew
Tuesday~Chicken Parm
Wednesday~Hamburgers with homemade curly fries
Thursday~Lemon Chicken
Friday~Breakfast (Waffles, and Sausage)

On My To Do List...
Meet with someone about homeschooling

What I Want to Sew, Crochet, Knitting or Creating...
Pot holders

From The Homeschool Room...
Human Body

Looking Around The House...
Shoes piled at the front door...this usually drives me crazy.  But I've come to realize that it means my family is active.  It means my family is healthy.  I'm embracing these little things that once drove me crazy.

From The Camera...
We went to a seminar on Owls this past weekend.  We learned all about different owls that live in this area.  It was a great time!

Something Fun To Share...
Do not sweat the small stuff.  Life is too short.  One day you might turn around and things have changed.

On My Prayer List...
My parents
Church family
My husband and children.

Bible Verse, Devotional...
Psalm 32:7
"You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance."

I'm taking part with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom in Happy Homemaker Monday.


Sandra said...

I just love reading your lists, and I love just reading your posts and comments no matter where they are, you make me smile :)

I completely agree with the shoes thing, I've learned to do the same, it used to drive me insane but I just remind myself that way too soon my kids will be grown and gone and I won't see those shoes laying around anymore.

Mary said...

The shoe thing could drive me crazy also, but I put baskets in our mud room & they just throw them in there! I have learned also to enjoy the scattered shoes & coats laying around, it is true, they grow way to fast & you are right, it shows they are healthy & active!

Love your posts! looking for some new dinner idea's, have any recipe's to share?

Have a Blessed day!