Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 2012 Soup Swap~~Alphabet Soup

My kids have always loved Alphabet Soup.  We are trying to do a way with "Convince" foods.  So I started searching for a recipe for our kids favorite soup.  After finding a few, changing this and that, I came up with this one. 

HEY Milk & Honey meat in this one!!  Well unless you count the bouillon cube.

Alphabet Soup

3 beef bouillon cubes
3 cups of hot water
1 bottle of V-8 juice
1 bag of mixed veggies...I used a large bag
8 ounces of uncooked alphabet pasta
6 cups water
salt and pepper (optional)

Dissolve bouillon cubes in hot water.  Place all ingredients in your normal soup pan.   Add bouillon and water mixture.  Simmer for 20 minutes or until the pasta is done.

This soup is almost as quick to make as it is to open the can and heat up.  You can add so much to this soup!  YUM!!

I'm linking up once again for Soup Swap.  You can go on over to Milk & Honey Mommy to join in.


ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


This recipe looks good and really simple to make. I've got to find me some alphabet pasta. My children would absolutely love having the letters in the soup and it would probably earn me some bonus points.

One more week to go w/the swap. My taste buds are already getting ready.