Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Being that there are only a few days before Christmas my "I'm loving" list is pretty long.  But I'll do my best to shorten it.

Here is what I'm loving....
Quiet evenings, being able to read my Bible.

I'm really loving this man...
He is such an amazing man!  Not only does he work hard each day for our family at his job, but he is also going to school full-time preparing for full-time ministry.  He is a big part of our church, as he is now developing a youth ministry.  I rarely hear him complain about all that is on his plate.

Our children are such a blessing!
Our oldest Katrina, has such a heart for serving others.  She will graduate next year and wants to go onto Bible College...probably Liberty University.  :-)

Our daughter Hannah!  She is so full of compassion for others.  She is the first in our family to stop and pray for someone in need. 

Our son is the analytical one.  He is such a thinker!!  He has so many interests I loose track.  But one thing is for certain he loves the Lord!!  He is going to be a firefighter when he grows up.  I say is, because this is all he's talked about since he was 2.

I am also loving our new home!
It really is a blessing to have room to move around in.  We all have our own space here.  We are able to study in peace and quiet.

Last but not least...
I'm loving all things Christmas!!
The soft glow of Christmas lights in the evening.  We try and not get all wrapped up in the commercialization of Christmas.  But I do get wrapped up in all the decorations! 

So what are you loving this Wednesday?  I'm linking up with This Kind of Love.

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