Monday, December 12, 2011

Molly Saves! in the Powder Room

This issue was another favorite of mine!  I think I say that each month.  We went from a house with a very small bathroom to a house with 2 nice size bathrooms.  It takes a lot more time to clean both of them.  I have to admit...until now I concentrate mainly on the downstairs bathroom.  This issue has many many...did I say many? Helpful hints and tips, check lists, recipes for cleaning products, nice labels for those cleaning products. 

Our upstairs bathroom...aka the kids bathroom usually looks like a tornado went through it.  Drives me crazy! 
Upstairs Bathroom

But with the great printable forms you will find in this issue, I can get our children involved in cleaning up their mess.  I'm really trying hard not to criticize them for the way they clean.  I usually just say, "forget it I will finish".   I know they will not learn unless they do it.  So I put together a cleaning basket full of homemade cleaners.

Our downstairs bathroom.

In the "Tightwad Training Camp" section there is a recipe for homemade detangler.  Who knew that it was SO easy to make this!!

You can read about all of these and more for only $4.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store.  But wait there's more!  Why pay that when you can become a "Molly Member" for only $3.95 per month.  You not only get the current issue of Molly Saves! but you get a bunch of free things throughout the month.

***I was given a free copy of Molly Saves! in exchange for my honest review.***

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