Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women of Faith 2011~~Girls weekend!!

I have always wanted to go to one of these events.  But many things kept me from going.  Mainly it always seemed we just did not have the extra money to afford it.  Also, one big factor that kept me from going is it always falls on the weekend of our anniversary here.   So when Booksneeze had said they were going to be picking bloggers to attend for FREE I was all over it!!  After begging asking my husband if it would be OK for me to go, I quickly ran and filled out the entry form.  I waited a few weeks, then after I had given up on the possibility of being picked when I got the email!!  WOOHOO! 

 I just can not wait.  I was given 2 tickets.  It was really not hard to choose who I was going to take.  My daughter who is 17years old.  Our relationship is good...but like any Mom with a 17 year old can be very bumpy at times.   So I have planned a whole weekend just for the two of us.  We are staying in a hotel and attending the conference!  I'm even surprising her with dinner out to one of her favorite restaurants between sessions.

So here is the line up of people we will have the honor of hearing:
Sheila Walsh

Luci Swindoll

Lisa Harper

Nicole Johnson

Angie Smith

Ken Davis

Natalie Grant

Mary Mary

WOW what a line up!!  I am so excited to see God work in big ways this weekend.  I'm familiar with everyone on the list except for Mary Mary.  I went and looked them up and found out that my daughter will like them.  I'm looking forward to everyone of the speakers...but I'm more anxious to hear Angie friend Terese interviewed her recently and I was moved by that.  I'm disappointed that Sandi Patty will not be there this year.  I have ALWAYS wanted to see her!

So check back on Sunday or Monday when I have the event post up.  I plan on taking alot of pictures.  Soooo just be forewarned! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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