Thursday, November 17, 2011

TOS Review~~Mammoth Math

Math Mammoth offers inexpensive yet high quality math worksheets for grades 1-8.  Books are available as print or for download.  The directions are very easy to understand for the student.   All books are written by Maria Miller.  Her goal with each of the series of books is for the student to fully understand the concepts presented.  The books are self teaching and require little preparation of the parent.

As a part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew we were given a choice of one of five:

This series is on a specific topic such as addition, subtraction, place value and so on.
The download version is $2.00-$7.00.  Print edition is available.

This is a mastery based full elementary curriculum for grades 1-6.
Each year curriculum is $34.00 for the download version.  Print versions are also available.

This series is best used for review purposes.  It contains worksheets on with no instruction.
Complete grade collection is $12.00-$14.50

This series is organized by topic for grades 3-7.  Workbooks are on varying topics such as geometry, integers, statistics, or measuring.
Each individual topic is $2.50-$9.00

We chose The Green Series on measuring.  This worked out great for our family.  While we were working with one child the other ones could be reviewing their measurement skills.  They covered everything from length, weight, capacity, estimating, systems, word problems, temperature and time.

There are some days when our kids just want to work on worksheets.  These are great for that.  Especially when it gets close to the end of the year testing. 

My middle daughter Hannah has trouble learning her math facts.   The worksheets have been great for her because it is only one sheet.  It will not overwhelm her, also it is not full of colored pictures that distract her.

I also love that the grade level is not written on the pages.  So many time Hannah gets so down because she is only at a certain level in Math which is not her grade level.  Thank you Math Mammoth and Maria Miller for giving our children the confidence they need to do well in Math!!

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As a part of TOS homeschool review crew we were given a free download of Mammoth Math for review purposes. 

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