Friday, November 25, 2011

Decorating has begun!

We have always made it a tradition to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  This year was no different.  We are ALL very excited for Christmas this year.  Perhaps it's the new house, or maybe we are all just in a really good place Spiritually!  I think it's a combination of both!  I will continue to add to our decorations over the next couple of days.  I want to start collecting gingerbread men for the kitchen!  I could even leave them up longer. 

We all get involved!  It's such a fun family time. 

Katrina carefully placing the fragile ones on the tree.

Andrew is very particular on where he places the ornaments.  It's the perfectionist in him.

Hannah is our Christmas girl.  She loves everything about Christmas!!  She helps us keep the joy during this time.  She is always smiling!

Now it's time to pose in front of the tree.  Katrina.



Got to love our hats!  I wanted to look more like an elf!  LOL!

And of course Charlie!  Don't you just want to give him a squeeze?!

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