Monday, September 12, 2011

Review~~Molly Saves! In the Family Room

This month's issue is all about creating a fun environment for your family.  There are many features in this months issue.  Everything you need in one very inexpensive e-book. 

Are you overcome with all the excuses of why you can not have people over to your home?  Molly solves many of these issues in this months Molly Saves! For only $4.95 you can get your very own edition of Molly Saves!  Or for only $3.95 per month you can get a Molly membership.  Where not only you will get the current month's issue, you will also get many other neat things you can download.

Here is a sneak peak of what you will get this month.

My favorites:
Each month starts out with a "This 'n' That page.  It is a calendar full of fun things to do like, on the 15th it is "Make a hat day".  Or my kids favorite one coming up on the 20th..."National Punch Day".  Of course I'm sure they know it's not really about hitting....right?!

My daughter is always telling us she can't wait to move out on her own.  In the "Tightwad Training Camp" section there is a neat way to actually make your child see how much things cost.  Seeing is believing I always say.  So we are having our daughter "hunt" for an apartment, set up her utilities ect.  She is not in that much of a hurry any longer.  LOL!

Molly Saves! is the best $4.95 you will ever spend.  No matter what issue!  Check back with me next month when we review Molly Saves! In the Dinning Room. 

I was given a copy of Molly Saves! in exchange for my honest review.

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