Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Molly's Money Saving Digest~~June

This issue is so far one of my favorites!!  (whispering) I think I say that about them all!  But who wouldn't?  Every issue is full of money saving articles, recipes and tips.

Here is a sneak peak of included pages in this digest.  For only $4.95 download the June Molly’s Money-Saving Digest now!

OR become a monthly Molly Member and subscribe for only $3.95 per month!  In the Molly Member section you get all kinds of extra goodies! Every month there are member only specials, extra articles, and so much more.  It is SO worth the money.

In every issue one of my favorite article is "This 'n' That".  This page has a calendar with different "fun" days of the month.  For example...DID you know that tomorrow June 22 is "National Chocolate Eclair Day"???  To celebrate we are making a very easy Eclair "cake".  I'll post the recipe tomorrow.  This is a summertime favorite here.

Also, in the June issue you will get a spice substitution list.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be making something and notice you are out (or in our case almost out) of a spice.  This handy chart is now hanging on the inside of our spice cupboard.

Don't wait!! Go on over HERE and get a sample of the June digest.  I'm telling you, I love these digests.  Yes, I received this digest free in exchange for my honest review, BUT for only $4.95 you get 63 pages of money saving goodness!  Oh and did I mention there are also a number of recipes in each issue!  My favy!!

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