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TOS Crew Review~~Writing Tales

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Writing Tales has 2 Levels to it's curriculum for teaching both composition and language arts in the classical style.  It is recommended for students in the upper elementary grades (approximately 3rd – 5th). 

You can go HERE to read about some basic information about Writing Tales.

Writing Tales is very user-friendly, the Teacher’s Guides include day-to-day lesson plans for homeschoolers as well as lesson plans for co-ops. The Student Workbooks take your child through in-depth studies of 15 different fables and fairy tales, and guide them through the process of re-writing each story in their own words. Because it uses the classical approach a very complete study and analysis is done for each story, a lot of practice is included. Of which includes, grammar, copywork, spelling, and vocabulary, making Writing Tales a fully comprehensive writing curriculum.


We received BOTH levels!!  I couldn't believe how blessed we are.  We decided to start right out at the beginning.  Our lessons went something like this:

Day 1 - Read and discuss the story.  The children had to circle the capitals at the beginning of the sentences.
Day 2 - Copywork, the children copied a sentence from the story.  All with correct punctuation.
Day 3 - Vocabulary - usually our children dislike vocabulary, but they really enjoyed this part of the program.
Day 4 - Re-read Grammar Lesson (we did this in day 3 because we only school 4 days a week)
Day 5 - Write a rough draft of the story.  The children were to rewrite the story in their own words.  I love this!! 

Writing Tales is an extremely fun curriculum to use.  This has also showed us that we learn better in a classical format!  I highly recommend this curriculum.  This is defiantly going on our list for next year.  This is the first time our children have actually asked US to do their writing.  So if you have a child that is just struggling with writing or plain doesn't want to do it this is for you.


Level 1
Student Workbook $19.99
Teacher's Guide $24.95

Level 2
Student Workbook $24.95
Teacher's Guide $32.95

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As a part of TOS Review Crew I received Level 1 and 2 in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was exchanged.

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