Monday, March 14, 2011

Sap, Sugar and Syrup~~A trip back in time.

The morning began with a delicious pancake breakfast.  I usually do not like pancakes but I LOVE these.

NO I did not eat all this! LOL.  I had one pancake.  They just loaded up the plate.  Hubby finished the rest for me.  My Dad had the rest of the sausage.

Our journey back into the 1800's begins.  OH how I've missed the museum.

Through out the village the kids had to locate "Phinas" a yarn character in different colors.

Can you see him on the table?  He was all over the village in many different locations.

One of the interpreters in the Jones Farm house.  One of my favorites.  I forgot to get a picture of my friend Karen in the kitchen.  We got to chatting and I forgot.  I am going to be volunteering at the museum this summer.  I'm hoping to be able to help her out in the kitchen!! YEA!

Maple Sugar cookies.  YUM!!  Oh how I would love to learn to cook like the 1800's women did.

Maple Butter...butter with maple syrup mixed in.  SO good.

One of the cooks telling us about the maple glazed walnuts.  OH my soo soo good.  I'm making them tomorrow.

Then we headed over to the nature center to try our hand at tapping trees.  It's not as easy as it looks.

The people collecting sap and making syrup would build small cabins right in the sugar bush.  They lived there until sap collection and syrup production was done.

Straining the sap...there would be leaves, bugs ect in the bucket.

This was used to pull the sap to the fire.  We really enjoyed our visit.  Going to the Sap, Sugar and Syrup mean spring is on it's way!!

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Briana said...

What a neat place. I love the game of looking for the yarn characters throughout the tour.