Monday, February 28, 2011

Weight Watchers Pita Bread

These are actually very good.  I have a number of ways I plan on using them.  I'm not quite sure why they have them pictured on the front with strawberries but ok.

Just a word of caution when using them...they are very thin.  They do break at the seam very easy.  I used them with my tuna salad today.

Tuna Salad
1 can of tuna (packed in water) drain well
2 tsp. light mayo
granulated garlic or one clove of garlic minced
one small onion diced or onion flakes
1 small cucumber diced
any other seasonings you might want...I use dill or red pepper flakes

Mix it all together and enjoy.  For those who are on Weight Watchers this meal is 7 points!!

The next thing I'm going to make with these is a pizza.  Then I might do a taco pizza with it.

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