Friday, February 25, 2011

Change that needs to be!

All my life I've struggled with my weight.  I was always the chubby kid in school.  In high school I was in a lot of sports so that helped keep me at the same weight.  After high school I joined the fire department and that helped keep the weight at an ok number.  I started having kids and it went through the roof.  I had c sections with all the kids and my stomach muscles are shot.  Or should I say they need a lot of work.

In 2001 my sister decided she wanted me to loose weight for her wedding.  She had just gotten her personal trainer certification and needed someone to beat...I mean train.  Boy she did not go easy on me at all.  I lost 90 pounds in about a year!  I was thrilled and must say I looked good for her wedding.  I felt great for the first time in years.  Fast forward to 2007-2008 I broke my back and had surgery.  I was laid up in bed for about a month.  Gained the weight back and then some.  I was devastated and embarrassed to show my face out anywhere.  But I've learned through out my life to suppress my feelings and not show how I'm really feeling.  I still do that to this day.  I wear that happy go lucky expression and people think I'm all with it.  But I struggle deep down inside.  Praise the Lord I have my faith in God that gets me through the tough times.

A friend from high school whom I've reconnected with has really inspired me to get this weight off!!  She has lost 89 pounds plus.  You can read about her journey HERE.  She is changing my life in ways she does not even know.  We were friendly in school but not really friends.  We played a lot of sports together.  But as adults I can say I consider her a friend now.  We have a lot in common.  So yesterday I went up to the local Weight Watchers meeting center and signed up!!  I was a member of TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) but I need a more structured program that WW has to offer.  Yes it is more money, but I think of what it will save us in the long run.

So stop by and check in with me every Friday as I journal my journey to loose this weight.  I'm breaking out of this cocoon into a beautiful butterfly!  If you would also like to join in on Fit Friday Mommy go on over to Got Chai?


Debbie said...

So glad to have you join Fit Mommy Friday. I too am doing Weight Watchers but I am not going to meetings, I can't afford it. I had ordered the at home computer stuff a couple years ago and I am using that. The program still works and I have been loosing weight... so that is all that matters. I am sure you will do well since you are going to meetings. Have a great week.

Michelle Smith said...

Welcome! I am glad you are joining us for Fit Mommy! It is fun as well as encouraging! The important thing is for each of us to make realistic goals, aim for them each week, report honestly to each other, and offer each other our encouragement and support. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy Fit Mommy! :)

Annie Kate said...

Welcome! If you've done it once, you can do it again!


Annie Kate

SisterTipster said...

Welcome and so glad to hear you've joined us!