Friday, January 7, 2011

TOS Crew Review~~See N Read

What it is...description taken from See N Read's website.
See-N-Read® is a practical reading intervention tool....designed to help readers seamlessly see, focus, and remember what they read. It reduces word- and line-skipping and pattern glare.

See: See-N-Read® helps readers to concentrate on and track the text being read while smoothly transitioning between the words that come before or after, thus helping readers to increase their fluency (the capacity to read text accurately and quickly) and comprehension.

Focus: See-N-Read’s clear reading window is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish that helps readers to focus on manageable “chunks” of information in each line of text.

Remember: See-N-Read® provides readers with a clear reference point that helps control smooth eye movements across the text on a page. Smooth eye movement from left to right and smooth transitions from line to line ("sweeping") enhance retention of information.

See-N-Read’s flexible material makes it easy for readers, young and old, to hold and use it as they read.
What I thought...
All of our children struggle with reading.  Whether it's because they simply do not want to sit long enough to do it.  Or because they have a learning block that causes them to not be able to....we have it all.  See N Read is one of those tools that is such a simple concept yet SO effective.  I received 3 of these to try out here as a part of TOS Review Crew.  I gave each one of our children one to use.  They all decided it was a perfect tool for their Bibles.  Not only could they use it as a guide as they read a passage, they could use it to underline something they wanted to remember.  Each of my children had nothing but good things to say about them.  Katrina (16) has learning blocks said "it makes the words just jump off the easy to read!  Hannah (13) has auditory processing disorder said "It has helped me read.  I do not loose my place anymore."  Andrew (11) just did not like to read said, "I can read now and remember what I read."  I had to explain to him why this was the case!!  The reading tools are very light weight and can be kept right inside their Bibles.  AWESOME!!  I honestly could of used these when I was a paralegal reading through tons of documents and legal briefs. 

Product Specifics...
Order HERE.
Book size (5 1/2) $2.99
Document size (8 1/2) $3.49
Combo of both $3.99

We loved these and will continue to use these for years.  Thank you See N Read for sending these to us for review.  We got these in exchange for my honest money was given...all opinions are my own!!

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