Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gratituesday~~Love of cooking

Ever since I was little I remember being in the kitchen with my Mom.  I didn't always help out but just being there with her taught me a lot.  It also gave me the love for cooking...AND eating...LOL!

I remember sitting there talking with my mom on many occasions while she was preparing meals for our family.  Perhaps she did not enjoy all the talking while trying to cook....I have come to realize that now as I am a mom.

God gave me the love of cooking so I could prepare good healthy meals for my family.  OH some days it feels like a chore to me and I dread doing it.  But that is very rare.  When I'm in the kitchen it gives me alot of opportunities to teach my children how to prepare food...as well as EXTRA math lessons...shhhh they don't realize they are doing fractions.  LOL!!!

I'm thankful for the gratitude from my family over what I make.  Not that I crave the praise but I think you all know what I mean.  I also love to see my children going through the cookbooks searching for something to make with me.  I SO treasure that time in the kitchen with them.  But most importantly time at the supper table as a family. 

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Sandra said...

Well you know how I feel about cooking LOL I also started very young, I actually remember being about 5 years old and sitting in the kitchen at my greatgrandmothers feet, with my play pots and pans. She would pass me a small potato and I would it all up and put pepper on it and stir and stir and stir forever LOL