Sunday, November 7, 2010

Download N Go~~Expedition Australia

Have you ever wanted to go to another country to visit?  Well grab a cup of coffee because with Download N Go unit studies you can do just that...without all the travel AND cost associated with traveling now a days.  We did just that this week with our Expedition Australia!

Here is a little glimpse of what our week looked like:

DAY 1 Where on Earth is Australia?
DAY 2 Some of the special places in Australia.
DAY 3 A bit of Australian history.
DAY 4 Cool things to know about Australia.
DAY 5 Fun and Games in Australia

Each day we studied a different animal located in Australia.  Some of them are adorable like the Koala and others not so cute!!  Our children were flipping through the channels on TV this week and 3 times they came across shows talking about Australia!  Two of them were hunting shows that our son loves to watch.  Another spot we found interesting was Dining Downunder.  We found this on the Internet.  Our children were amazed that much of their food is a lot like what we eat now.  It just has different names a yabbie is much like a small lobster.  Another favorite website we found that we liked was Unique Australian Animals.

Here is little peak of what you will get with Download N Go.

All of the study comes in an ebook format.  It is all internet connected so really all you do is download and go...thus the name!!  You can choose to print the worksheets OR do what I do since my children are older than the age range....I have them write everything out in a notebook.  Oh we still have a lot of fun with it.  We still do some of the mini books to put in a scrapbook.  We get a lot of books out of the library.  SO just because something says ages ?-? don't think it's not for you!!  Everything is done for you.  So with notebooks in hand our children began watching the videos, again and again...did I say again. 

Here's a little added bonus for you.....
Get Expedition Australia for $5.95 through Nov 8.  And be sure to enter the contest to win a laminated Australia (country) Political Map from National Geographic, a $19.99 value!

This unit study was given to me in exchange for my honest review!  To see what other families say about Download N Go visit the DNG blog.

NEXT up from Download N Go is Ben Franklin!!  WOOHOO!  We are a history loving family and have been looking forward to this one!

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