Sunday, October 10, 2010

TOS Review~~The Digital Field Trip

As a member of the TOS Crew we were given this DVD to watch and give our honest review of this product.

We went on quite an adventure...We went to the wetlands, rainforest and the desert!!  Without even leaving our home.  This was the best of both worlds!!

Our children had so much fun playing around with all the features!  Even tho the review is over, our children will be using this for many weeks to come.  There is so much to each field trip we could not possibly cover it all.  But the children look forward to using this again and again!!

I really liked that right on the CD was Teacher's resources.  I didn't have to go searching for extra things to go over with the kids.

This DVD is 3 field trips rolled into one package.  The children really enjoyed building their own desert!  How neat, they really learned a lot from this.  We look forward to using this again and again.  I think I've made my point on this...LOL!

The only negative thing I could find was the price.  This Digital Field Trip series is $125.00.  You can purchase this HERE.

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