Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review~~Molly's Money Saving Digest--August

This was by far my favorite issue yet!!  I have said this many times...I love to garden and "put" up food for the winter.  I've been so busy doing just that I almost forgot to review this.

This issue is named: Storing Summer's Bounty: Canning, Freezing and Dehydrating

This is just what I've been doing!!  WOOHOO!  I couldn't wait to dive right in to this issue and see what Molly had for me.  It started out with one of my favorites...Apples!!  Everything and anything about well as our favorite...RECIPES!  I can not wait to try the apple soon as the apples ripen here.

The next item i noticed in this issue that I was SO in need of was the Freezer Inventory sheet!  Our big freezer is in the basement and I do not check on it every day so I tend to forget what is in there.  With this sheet in hand I went downstairs to the freezer to make an inventory.  Guess what i found in there???  2 count them 2 turkeys!!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  With this list I can now keep track of what is down there.

If that wasn't enough each issue has a week's worth of menus in them.  If  you collected all of them you would have 12 weeks already done for you.  Just rotate them through out the year.  The shopping list is already there for you as well.  Not only does planning your menus out ahead of time save you money you also save a lot of time!  Something we all say we need more of.  Below is a little glimpse of what you'll be getting.

So head on over to the Schoolhouse store and purchase this issue.  It is so worth the $4.95.  I didn't even get to the best part yet....the canning and dehydrating!!  You will not be disappointed!!

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Hi Jen,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I LOVE your blog!! I'm just sad I don't have more time right now to keep on reading it! I'll be back once the kiddos are asleep ;)
Always nice to meet another sister in Christ!
diane :)
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