Friday, July 23, 2010

Review--Molly's Money Saving Digest--July

We are at that point in the summer when the "I'm Bored's" visit our home.  No matter how hard we try they do not want to leave!!  Well look no further the July's issue of Molly's Money Saving Digest is just what you need.

Here is how it is described on The Old Schoolhouse Store's website:

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest’s July feature is . . .
Summer Fun From A to Z

Does summer fun evade you? Or has your family slipped into seasonal habits that need some refreshing? Are you ready for a little excitement this July?

The alphabet takes on a whole new meaning when every letter provides another exciting summertime activity! This month’s special feature can help you learn . . .

•How to make the coolest bracelets ever!
•A new use for a clothesline—they are good for far more than drying a few towels.
•All about the wonders of the Fourth of July—from art to fireworks.
•Great new uses for lots of things, from Frisbees to hula hoops!
•How to find unique places to visit—from national parks to lighthouses and more.
•And you will love what Molly came up with for the last few letters of the alphabet!

Slow down this summer and really consider the many wonderful components that make up Molly’s Money-Saving Digest. Check them out . . .

•Molly’s Minute always shares a few words from her heart. This month her goal is to help every family get out in their bare feet and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer!

•Begin With the Basics covers a basic skill to help with your everyday household tasks. Plenty of picnicking help is packed into this edition of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest!

•On Sale This Month helps you get ready for the bargains so you can shop more frugally. July is the time for everything hot to go on sale and more dollars to stay in your wallet!

•Special Dates This Month keeps you on track for holidays, but it covers little-known special dates as well. No one should miss “Cheer Up the Lonely Day”!

•Tips and Tools for Organization offers ideas to be more frugal with your time and space. Molly provides several forms to help you have a “summer of discovery!”

•Feather Your Nest Frugally whether fancy, fanciful, fashionable, or just family-friendly, home décor has never looked better. Molly keeps you thinking green!

•In the Kitchen With Molly guides you through cooking with the too-often shrinking family dollar in mind. This month in the midst of the heat, she gets you out of the kitchen faster! Molly gives you a week of menus focusing on oven-less recipes. Complete with recipes and grocery shopping list!

•Kids’ Corner brings you amazing things for your children each month! July brings great science experiments that will help you beat the summer heat—and have fun!

•Something Old, Something New helps you repurpose items for your home. With all of the park trips and picnics of summer, Molly brings you a day pack for your children made from an incredibly lightweight, waterproof material that will truly astound you! Seriously, you will never look at simple bags for children the same way again!

•July’s Feature: Summer Fun From A-Z provides an AmaZing list of activities, ideas, and tips for filling this summer with plenty of fun for the entire family!

•This Is My Story shares a bit of the life of a fellow Molly’s Money-Saving Digest reader. This month introduces a family listening to God’s call to be debt free, through medical problems and tough times—even today. Learn about living an abundant lifestyle!

•From My Mailbox—Molly passes along what readers have shared as they fill her inbox. This month, July turns the tables as she asks her readers to tell her what they want to see in future Digests. What is she looking for? Find out. And help her find answers!

So many captivating components—all designed to help you live more frugally, enjoy your family, and stretch your family dollar! And Molly wraps it all up with her always-encouraging In Closing remarks, followed by the mind-boggling Directory of Links.

Summer is filled with opportune moments—don’t miss a single occasion for fun! With Molly’s tips, lists of activities, delectable recipes, frugal decorating, science experiments, and so much more—the entire family will enjoy summer fun!

With Summer Fun From A to Z, this summer will be AmaZing—to the letter!
Molly makes it easier to be frugal! And it’s fun!
For just $4.95, buy the July Molly’s Money-Saving Digest now.

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