Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to wear? Day 7

This is the last day of my challenge.  I must say I learned a lot about myself and how The Lord wants me to dress. 

I saw this quote on a website:
"The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman. For I have accepted God's idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am and all that He wants me to be." (copied)


Anonymous said...

Wow Love the outfit :) you really have some adorable clothes :)

Daughter to THE King said...

I love that quote and you look so lovely today :o)

Kristi Lea said...

I was never scripturally convicted about wearing dresses or skirts, but the church I went to when I got saved, had those convictions. I just dressed that way because everyone else did. I wanted to do what was "right." Through the years since, I have majorily worn skirts, but wore pants on occassion. When I had my girls, I realized I needed to figure out where I stood on the matter. I just prayed, and asked God what He would have me to do. I'm so convicted about it now, I don't like it if the mail lady comes to the door, and sees me in my workout pants pr pj's! Our 5 year old daughter wears only skirts now, unless she's riding her bike in the driveway. I believe it's God's will for a woman to dress this way.

In these troubling times, I believe gender roles should be as clearly deffined for our children as possible. I also believe that dressing this way is certainly the most modest route. I don't ever want to cause another man to have impure thoughts in his head. I don't ever want to dress in a manner that would provoke such thoughts from anyone but my husband.

I too, have noticed over the years that I am treated differently in public when I wear skirts and dresses vs when I wear pants...it's not in your head. I've heard many ladies testify to the same difference in treatment. I could write a book on this, so I had better quit. I'm thankful though, that you have heeded to God's Spirit and what He has pressed upon you. I know you will be oh, so blessed by it.

A couple tips...if I'm going up the stairs, and wearing a skirt, I pull it up under my bust line, so I won't trip over it. If it's a dress, I grab the bottom in one hand and hold it along with what I'm carrying. When I go for long walks, or long trips to the store in the heat of the summer, I wear bicycle shorts underneath so that my thighs don't rub together and hurt. It may not be a problem for a size 4, but I'm not a size 4, and it was a real problem for me! Almost kept me from wearing skirts several years ago, so I thought I'd share.