Monday, May 17, 2010

What to wear? Day 6

I'm almost done with my week what to wear challenge.  It is hard to put into words exactly how blessed I feel.  Thank you for all the kind words you have all left me.

I liked this dress when I first got it...but now that I've lost close to 30 pounds it just does not fit me right.  It is much too big.  I might try and take it in a bit.  But the dress is very comfortable...which I need for today because we have our home school co op and I do the gym class.


Daughter to THE King said...

YAY for weight loss and I must say you look quite lovely today. Our family always enjoys our Co-Op days, I hope you have a great day today teaching and fellowshiping at your Co-Op.

May God Bless You Today,

Anonymous said...

you look cute in the dress, :) color looks great on you :)

Humble wife said...

I have loved the tour of your closet:)!! You look wonderful in sharing your modest journey and I love this dress too!

My husband is a pastor for the church we attend- which is why I laughed at how much we seem to have in common!

Have a wonderful week