Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Making the most of our land

With food prices rising so fast and stuff put into our food, my husband and we decided that we were going to utilize every inch of our land.  We have planted many fruit bushes and trees.  I've planted red onions for the first time.  We now have 2 large gardens and an herb garden that I'm adding to.

We started out small with the fruit trees.  We want to make sure the trees do well before planting more.

Cherry Tree...I'm looking forward to a sweet cherry pie! OR Cherry cobbler YUM!

The other tree we planted was the peach tree.  Both trees are self pollinating so we only needed one.  I'm excited to pick them off the tree and bite into this juicy peach.  It doesn't get any better than that!!

We also planted berry bushes, again we started out small and we will build upon them later.

Blueberries are SO full of nutrition.  I love blueberries...I can't wait to make some jam, blueberry muffins and much more. of all they are thorn less!!  I can't wait for some jam, muffins and more!  I love the idea of being self sufficient with the land the Lord has provided us.

Last but not keep the bugs away from all these wonderful food producing trees and bushes are.....
The best bug and insect control you'll ever find.
I've wanted chickens for SO long.  The town we live in has no law against having livestock...BUT they have very strict laws about how and where you can build the housing for them.  SO I studied the town ordinance and checked into a few options we had.  I knew there was a reason the Lord had me go to college for paralegal....LOL!  Anyway, if we build a movable barn there is not restrictions on them.  So here is what my husband is going to build for them.
I'm SO all we have to do is find away around housing the dairy goats we want to get.  YEAH!!


Kelly said...

Hi there! Stumbled upon your blog! Just love it! We've been talking about getting chickens too... We shall see...

Kiley said...

We are researching berry bushes for our little 1/2 acre plot on our virtually unuseable hill. We hoping to plant some berries and grapes on part of it...the less steep part, so we can still sled in the winter :O) !!!

Jen Atkinson said...

So, did you order the chickens yet? I'm excited to hear about it all!