Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yogurt maker review

I was contacted by CSN stores to do a review of one of their products.  I was thrilled to accept!!  I just didn't realize how many items they have in their stores.  There are 200+ stores with everything under the sun.  So choosing just one items was not easy.  I went through store after store but always landed back to the kitchen store...LOL!  I finally decided I would like a yogurt maker.  Since I had never made yogurt I was excited to look through the choices I had.  There were many models to choose from.  So they had given me a $40 gift certificate to use towards something.  I chose the Cuisipro Donvier Electric Yogurt Maker I placed the order on April 28 and I had it here by May 4 without any extra shipping cost.  I was So impressed with this.  Now onto the Yogurt maker!!

I LOVE that this machine is very small!  It fits nicely on the counter and does not take up a lot of space.

Next it was time to add the milk...since I used skim milk the recipe called for powdered milk.

Bring the mixture to a simmer...Do not boil! I tell you this was the EASIEST thing to make.

Remove from heat the put the thermometer in the mixture.  Let it cool until it reaches the "add starter" line.  Then add the starter.  I used store bought yogurt as my starter. 

Fill the cups with the milk and yogurt starter.

Put the cover on machine and set the timer....11 hours later you have homemade...GOOD for you yogurt!!

I'm telling you this was the easiest thing to make!  My children LOVED this yogurt.  They mixed fresh fruit into it this morning and ate it.  Later I'm going to try the Dill bread recipe that came in the recipe book of the maker.  YUM!! 

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Sandra said...

Oh that looks like something I would love having, I'll have to go take a look.