Saturday, May 22, 2010

Civil War Candlelight Tour

We had such a good time last night on the Civil War tour!!  Everyone at the museum was very knowledgeable about the Civil War.  They loved talking with us and interacting with us.  Besides the quick down pour we experienced at the museum it was GREAT!!

Be aware there are a lot of pictures.  So it will be a very long post.

As we entered the village we were given lanterns.  It was great...except my husband and I ended up with them.

This was the other woman who greeted us as we entered the village.

Our first stop was the Thomson Tavern with the small arms display.  These gentlemen were so great...especially with all the children.  Our son liked this one.

More of the small arms displays.

Sorry about the blurry picture...he was telling us all about how they carried ammo. 

Bags and pouches they carried, as well as a bayonet.

The other gentleman talking about guns and ammo.

Next we moved onto Confederate camp and camp life.  They were just getting camp set up so it was very interesting to see how it would of been done.

Officer's tent.

This guy was great!  He told us all about daily life in a camp and even answered a bunch of question.  We must of spent almost 20+ minutes.

Next it was on to the hospital.  This was interesting on the tools of the trade they had during the war.  Not your everyday hospital...thank goodness!

The guy trying to get off the table scared our poor daughter Katrina.  She was over looking at him and he yelled out in pain..LOL!  What I didn't capture was her running off.  She was ok. 

Here are a couple of soldiers we met along the way.  Our children loved talking with them.  They played the part well, by warning our children to stay away from the enemy.

Union Camp with platoon drills.  Again a great bunch of guys...ready to talk about their life as a soldier.

Cooking their supper....It smelled really good tho.

Hyde House in the distance.

Union Headquarters at the Jones Farm (my favorite house).  My camera did not like this house...LOL!

Confederate home life...she was asking the kids if they had anything to share with them, because they were hungry....Hannah thought she was serious..LOL!

Showing us the art of spinning wool!  It was very interesting.  Our daughter Hannah loved this.

Preparing dinner for many with very little.  Our kids said "like we do"..LOL!

Refugee camp...They wanted to cook something but the rain prohibited it....bummer!!

Couldn't pass up a chance to get a nice picture of our kiddos.  Katie did not want to take her poncho off....she was sure it was going to rain again.

The printing office.  He told us about putting out a newspaper during the civil war and what it took to do so.

MacKay House...funeral preparations.  The scene was a 14 year old boy was killed in a farming accident.  I would of liked to have seen something regarding the civil war.  But it was still interesting just the same.

The mother in mourning...she played her part very well.  It was extremely smokey in the wasn't my camera again...:-)

The sat in the house for a few days.  Someone was always sitting up with it.  Pretty interesting on how things have changed.

Neighbors came by and prepared food for the family...somethings never change praise the Lord.

This was our last stop...are you glad??  It was the Foster-Tufts House where they talked about quilting and dressmaking, something I love hearing about.  They talked about how they obtained cloth and wool during the civil war.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual Civil War tour at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  I hope to do more posts on the museum this summer.


Melanie said...

I enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Glad you had a good time, even if it did rain. :)

Daughter to THE King said...

Oh wow, thank you for sharing your photos. Looks like you all had fun and had a blessed time as a family. :o)

Genesee Country Village & Museum said...

Thank you for sharing these! The additions of the ladies pieces was new this year. It's great to see that you enjoyed them!

Melinda said...

Oh my! That looks incredible! I'm a real history buff and I would love to see that - or better yet - be one of the actors!

Anonymous said...

Your story and photos of the candlelight event is wonderful.Thank you for posting them.
I am the lady asking your children for food, and it is so great to hear that you and your family enjoyed the evening.

Anonymous said...

It was truly our pleasure! We have enjoyed your blog.
I am the confederate officer in camp.

Sandra said...

Ugh I'm just so jealous, so very jealous LOL

I love all your photos.