Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Review--I Love God's Green Earth

I must say I LOVED this devotional book for kids/families.  We had been looking for something for us to do as a family.  Well we found it...I love God's Green Earth written by Michael and Caroline Carroll.  We did this book everyday for a month so far.  We will continue it after this review. 

Each devotion includes scripture, facts on the scientific facts surrounding the topic of the day, connection links the scientific facts with the biblical truth from the days scripture, what can I do is an action you as a family can take to take care of God's Earth, fun stuff I must say is my children's favorite section of the devotional.  It includes jokes, riddles and fun facts that connect the fact of the day.

Our action step we as a family is taking after reading this book is we are going to be more self sufficiant as a family.  We are planting a large garden which the children have taken a big part in.  We are planting berry bushes and a could of fruit trees and strawberries.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to families young and old.  There is gems through out this book to be learned by all.

This book was provided to me by Tyndale Publishers for review on this blog.

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