Friday, February 26, 2010

Let is snow, let it snow......

It started snowing here last night around 6 pm and dumped a lot of snow on us!  I think so far we got around 10 inches of snow.  Every school in the area was closed, with the exception of some larger colleges.

This is looking off of our side porch.  Our road has been very quiet, not a soul on the road. 

This is our dog "Gloria".  She LOVES the snow!  I love the snow on her face...LOL!  She will roll and push her nose in the snow like a is SO funny!
This is looking out of the front door.  Can you see why I LOVE living in this area?  It is so peaceful!  I was watching Mansfield Park last night really enjoying many of the beautiful scenes, dresses and the homes.  There was one scene where "Fanny" was sitting in her room and was asked why there was no fire....just then the wind blew outside and the neighbor's wood stove smoke came this way.  It was JUST like I was sitting there in "Fanny's" room.  Thank you Sandra for making me a Jane Austen addict.  LOL!!!

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