Thursday, August 27, 2009

Corn Cob Jelly

I have to say that when I read on the Keeper of our Home blog about this jelly I was a bit aprehensive! But I'm willing to give almost anything a try. Especially since we get a lot of corn here. I do agree with tastes a lot like honey! I was very surprised.
I tried to search the corn cob jelly to find out where it came from but had no luck. I'm thinking it came to be around the time of the Great Depression when everyone used what they had. I called my grandmother to see if she remembers anything like this. She said she kind of remembered it but was not really sure. She agreed with me as to where it came from.
I have to say....TRY IT!! Click on the link it will take you to an amazing blog full of wisdom!


Keeper of our Home said...

Jen ~

I admit I got weepy eyed reading your comment. That means so much to me. My Mom worked outside the home too, so it is my desire to learn all I can to be the best Home Keeper GOD has designed me to be.

I am glad to hear your report on the corn cob jelly. I just love that stuff. It's more like honey to me than a jelly. But either way, it's good stuff!

~Mrs. M

P.S. Thank you so much for the lovely shout out for my blog. I am so honored that you would recommend it to others.

Carolj said...

Hi! I found a comment you had left on my site a while back and thought I'd come visit. :)

Wow! That's a um, unique kind of jelly!

Have a good evening. :)