Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updates and a wonderful give a way

It has been a long time since I've blogged about anything! Once again we are hit with health problems. This time it is my husband. He has had this "rash" on his leg for some time and his former doctor kept telling him it was poison ivy. I knew it wasn't that just from looking at it, but who am I??? I convinced him to transfer to my doctor to have it looked at. Well he has a very bad case of cellulitis. If anyone knows anything about this they know that it is very dangerous and painful. The first round of antibiotics did not work. So now he has to get a shot everyday for 3 days of a stronger antibiotic. If this does not work then he may have to be hospitalized to get it taken care of. On top of that his blood work showed a number of things wrong. First, he is severely low in B12. So he also has to go get a shot everyday for 5 days, then once a week, then once a month. Poor guy!! Secondly, his liver enzymes were elevated and this could mean a whole bunch of things. The worst being liver cancer. His Mom died of liver cancer, his Dad died from lung cancer and his brother recently died from mouth cancer. I know we are supposed to be strong but when you hear something like that and know your family history it is difficult to do so. Please remember him in your prayers. The antibiotic shots are very painful. I probably would of passed out if I had to get them.

Now for something fun!! Almost all of my readers love cooking. I have a friend who is hosting a wonderful give a way on her site. Please go on over to Rebecca's blog and read more. I know you will find the site a wonderful source of information regarding everything food!! She has a bread recipe on there for the contest. Since I'm a bit busy here right now but I'm going to make this bread as soon as possible. Below is a picture of some bread I have made recently.

I have found that making bread is so relaxing. Not only that but you can get your frustrations out on kneading the dough!!

HURRY you have until June 8 to enter!!


Blessed Beyond said...

I'll be praying for your husband!

Lori said...

Your bread looks wonderful!! I love bread-baking too. Sure do hope your husband is doing better. Cellulitis is indeed a not-so-good thing. Hope things are looking better.

Happy Mama said...

ummm.did i miss the link. i would love to go there but i don't know where it is!

Also i have missed you weigh in Wednesday and am ready to start...