Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday--Katie!

It seems like just yesterday my KBum was born...aka Katrina. But today she is 15 years old!! She is such a blessing to have around. She is always there to cheer people up. She loves talking with elderly people. She is very compassionate towards people.

Here she is a few weeks ago during her Father, Daughter dinner out. The day was very nice so they went to the park.

She had a lot of fun singing praises to God on Resurrection Sunday. You can just see her over the shoulder of the woman in blue. Katie loves to sing, and looks forward to the day she can join the choir.

We had everyone over on Friday to celebrate her birthday. Here she is telling her cousin NOT to blow out the candles!! LOL! This morning Matt called her and sang in his opera have to hear it to appreciate it! It is very funny, especially seeing the look on the kids faces when they pick the phone up first thing in the morning!! Its a family tradition.

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