Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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We really should be thanking God each and everyday. But particularly this week I am thankful for the people God places in our lives. I wrote about it yesterday regarding my Husband and his work mates. But I was thinking last night about how many people place in our paths on a daily basis. Not only people we know but those we do not know. While out shopping yesterday we encountered many people, sales people, just people around us. God may place these people to uplift ourselves, or better yet uplift another person.

There was one woman at the bookstore yesterday who began asking us questions about homeschooling...next to God and my family it is my favorite thing to talk about. I wonder how she knew we homeschooled? Oh yeah....the books we bought were curriculum books! She wanted to know our experience with it. Well we began talking and probably would of still been there talking now if the line hadn't formed behind us. Ever felt that impatient stare on the back of your neck??? LOL!

At the furniture store the sales man said our children were so well behaved. I turned around and looked at the children standing next to me...yep they are our children...LOL! I thought you should of seen them an hour ago in the car.

At supper, in the mall food court, our children were saying please and thank you, and sitting nicely in their chairs. There were children running all over and screaming bumping into people eating their supper, while the parents/adults just sat there. There were a couple of women sitting at the table next to us and commented to each other how well behaved the children were. It really does my heart well when people notice this. Let me tell you it is SO different once we get in the car!

Have a wonderful Gratituesday!

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Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

People often comment about the 'lack of social skills' aspect of homeschooled children. But when I see children acting like those you saw in the mall, I am ever so thankful for my daughter's social skills. I CERTAINLY don't want her learning social skills like those of most public school children.