Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy few days....

This is the first time I've been able to sit down at the computer since for a period of time since Friday. I pray that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Our day started out with us surprising my Husband with lunch at work. The kids love doing that!! Then the children went to their Dad's house for the weekend and my Husband and I had the whole weekend to ourselves!
For a gift for my Husband for Valentine's Day I purchased the Fireproof movie and the Love Dare book to go along with it. I must say I loved the movie!! Although we have a really strong marriage the movie gave us many things to think about and correct. We are going through the Love Dare to also strengthen our marriage. We made dinner here of steak on the grill. We spent the whole night talking about the movie and the Love Dare, along with many hours of prayer. It was the best Valentine's Day ever!!
Today at work 2 men approached my Husband asking him questions on different occasions. First it just started out as simple conversations, but eventually led to the "root" of what they wanted to know. One man is saved and the other is not. My Husband told the man who was saved about the movie we saw and they began talking about marriage toward the end of the conversation. We have bought the "Love Dare" book for this man and his wife to use. The other man who is not saved shared with my Husband about the troubles he has been having in his marriage. (If anyone has seen the movie Fireproof it was a lot like when Caleb was first talking to his father.) My Husband talked with him for quite a while, I'm not sure of the outcome. He has been trying to plant a seed in this young man for quite some time. I'm praying that since he talked with my Husband today it is a step in the right direction.
Today also I was on the computer but not for blogging. The Federal Government is requiring all our ambulance members to take a FEMA course. I thought ok I have a few spare moments I'll get it done now. That was at 8:30 this morning....I didn't finish the 2nd course until 2:30! I still have one more to go. Then by some technical difficulties with the computer my test was never submitted and I have to retake the WHOLE 2nd course. GRRRR!! It takes 3 hours for each module! I was ready to call it quits. But if everyone in our ambulance squad does not complete all three modules we will not be eligible for federal funding that we need to update our base. Since I am not a quitter I will be dragging myself out of bed around 6 am to finish this up.
Then the GREAT news of the day was we went to Value City Furniture to look at living room sets....WE FOUND ONE!! Yeah....I'm so excited to get the new furniture next week.

The couch and love seat.

My Husband's throne!

The chair looks really dark in this picture, it is more like the color of the couch and love seat in the top picture.

Also, my Wonderful, Darling, Handsome did I say Wonderful Husband...LOL..also said we can get a new stove!! WOOOHOOO!! The stove we have works good but it is pretty old. So this is what we are getting.

So that was our last few days in a nutshell. How did everyone else spend their weekends?

The first 2 days of the Love Dare went really well. I will blog more about the upcoming days in the future.

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