Friday, February 27, 2009

Camera Fun

Sandra over at Diary of a SAHM is learning about all of the features of her new camera. I thought it would be fun to do it along with her.

This is our camera we purchased a little over a year ago. I really love this camera. The more I learn about it and its features the better pictures we have. Also, since I love to scrapbook it saves me time when the pictures do not need to be cut.

Today we are talking and using the ISO feature on your camera. The camera we have is a Kodak ZD710 Easyshare. It took me some time to find how to change this setting on the camera. On our camera there is a setting on the mode dial in the back called PASM, it stands for Program, Aperture, Shutter Priority, Manual. Today we are just going to consentrate just on the ISO setting.

Under the manual feature you have much more control over how your pictures will look. Don't be afraid to play around, almost every camera has a reset button on it. You can always go back to the manufacturer settings if you want. But i'm sure that once you see how better your pictures will be you will not want to. But make sure you write down, if you are like me and forget how you got there, the steps.

Turn the Mode dial to PASM.
Press to choose P, A, S, or M.
Press to move between settings, open a setting, or change a setting.
Take a picture with different ISO settings.

ISO speed - control sensitivity to light. If you can't use a flash, increase the ISO. 3200 available only at 1.2, 2.1, and 2.2 MP. Higher ISO can produce unwanted "noise."

To do this I decided to "shoot" our cat. Don't worry no cats were injured in this shoot!! LOL! This picture is taken with the ISO set to 1600, depending on the setting with our camera the ISO will go up to 3200 depending on the megapixils chosen. Notice how bright it is, it is really hard to see the cat's face and it is very grainy.

This picture is taken with the ISO set at 100 see how much better it is. You can see his face, very clear.

Sometimes when you are taking pictures in different situations you will need a higher ISO. For example when you are in church, or in a museum where you can not use a flash you will need to increase your ISO. Play around with your own camera. Get to know all that it has to offer you. You will be glad you did.

Next week we are going to talk about shutter speeds. So grab your camera and start shooting!!


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

I know you are doing the weekly updates on the Love Dare and I am so tempted to read your progress and notes, but since I am not reading ahead and taking each day at a time I am going to have to catch up on your posts once I am past the points you have discussed. But boy am I anxious to see what you have to say on it.

Love ya!

Sandra said...

I'm glad you got to play along with me and learn about the cameras...isn't it fun?

I'm so glad the cat wasn't hurt LOL I still laugh about the "shot the cat"