Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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I am so grateful for all the blessing that have come out of my recent surgery and recovery. I know I have talked about this to death but I'm always amazed at how I can see God's hand in everything!!

Here is a short list of some of those blessings.
1. My eyes are open more to seeing the hand of God in my life.
2. I have learned what total submission to my Husband means.
3. My Children have learned how to be self sufficient in some areas.
4. I have been humbled by the out pouring of affection from many people, in person and through blogging.
5. I have learned that I can't "fix" everything and I need to be quiet and wait on God!

God uses every situation to "polish" us up. People have a misconception that when you become a Christian everything is great all the time. The difference is that God uses these situations to make us lean on him for everything. Until my surgery I didn't do that, I tried to fix everything myself. It is such a wonderful feeling to give all this to God. It is like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!! It is great to know that I do not have to "fix" everything, God will do it.

Side note: We have allowed our 14 year old daughter to have her very own blog, Katrina's Happenings. We would appreciate it if you would go to her blog and give her some words of encouragement. I'm trying to show her that writing can be really great. Also, since I can't be on here all the time I'm asking that you all be our eyes when we can't. Thank you in advance.


Organized Nutrition said...

AH, so happy everything went ok and the family didn't fall apart!
Isn't it great when God shows us that we don't always have to be in control! That is a hard thing to work though!
Here is praying for a great recovery for you!

Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

Glad you're recuperating well, and that God has provided for all your needs. Your post about not taking for granted being able to do chores around the house was so convicting!

lizzykristine @ Uplifted Eyes said...

Hmmmm. As someone the Lord has also used health problem to teach some lessons, I can relate. :) I've learned so much about resting in Him the last few years....

Renee said...

So glad to hear you're recuperating well! Have a great week.

newchristian920 said...

Hello my beautiful patient!

I have really been blessed by taking care of you in the past few weeks! It was like a rollercoaster ride, not that I have ever rode on a rollercoaster in my life, but it really pained me to see you writhing in pain, but overjoys me to see you recovering so quickly now. It just shows me how great God is in His care over us. He has taken care of us plenty in our life together. To God be the glory for all the great things He has done in our lives!
I LOVE YOU! DO NOT OVER DO IT YOUNG LADY!I will be home soon to take care of you!