Friday, January 23, 2009

Gifts from across the sea...

A good friend of my Husband recently served another tour in Afghanistan. Before he left we made up a care package of different items for him to take. Included in that was a Bible with some passages marked for him. He is not a Christian....yet. The children also made things for him to remind him of home. He was so moved by this he picked up a few items for us while over there. When I heard this I was very excited but had no idea they were going to be this grand.

This is a hat worn mostly by people in the cities. It is hand made. The picture doesn't do it justice. There is so much detail to it.

This is a wool hat worn by men in the country, shepherds and farmers. Also handmade, you do not see handmade items like this any more here in the states.

This is I believe a table cloth, although Adam thought it may be a blanket. This is also hand made. Woven in green and gold thread. It has such detail. It is pretty large, I have though about putting it on our table on special occasions, like Christmas and Easter. I would not know how to clean it it anything got on it. I could get a clear plastic table cloth to place over it. Any other ideas on how to display it?

This is also the same pattern as the above picture. But on a smaller scale. I thought it might be a place mat, but now that I look at it, it seems way too big. It might be a throw rug. I might use this as a table runner.

No collection from another country would be complete without samples of their currency. The children had a lot of fun looking at these. It will be a great addition to our study when we learn about the Middle East.


Sandra said...

I love them all Jen, what beautiful mementos :)

Frugal Home Living said...

Oh how lovely and thoughtful of your friend to send these to you.

the voice of melody said...

These are such great gifts! The details in them is quite stunning. Enjoy them! :)