Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Son

Tomorrow our "baby" will be 9 years old. Since we have family and friends coming in for the party we will be pretty busy and I will not be able to post. So I will post now.

Our boy is 100% boy. Anything and everything boy. He love to be out helping his Father with everything. He even helped with the roof. He is an aspiring firefighter/bull rider. Great combination I know. Those are his big interests right now. He wants to own his own ranch and is very excited about seeing one when we travel to Arizona in 2 years. He is very loving toward everyone. Even with a mostly female population in this house he copes very well!

This was when we went to our local baseball team's opening day game. We had fun, my Dad gets tickets for every game for working on their computers. We had fun...but it was very cold and rainy! But look at the faces of my men...they had a great time.

His favorite thing to do is go outside under our maple tree and draw pictures. He is...if I do say so myself....very good for a almost 9 year old.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Bubbies" I love you very much. I am very proud to be your Mommy.


Kathi said...

Happy Birthday to your son. He is a wonderful boy. Kathi

the pleasures of homemaking said...

He sounds like a wonderful kid. Happy Birthday!