Monday, August 4, 2008

Simple Woman

For Today...

Outside my Window...the sun is shinning, birds singing, with a gentle breeze.

I am thinking...about our new school year starting today.

I am thankful for...all that God has blessed us with.

From the kitchen...a lot of canning equipment. A lot of corn a family friend dropped off for us, he is a farmer and sells corn in town, whatever he does not sell that day he usually drops off for us. It is such a blessing.

I am shorts, top and pony tail.

I am reading...homeschool materials.

I am hoping...This beautiful weather continues.

I am hearing...the children getting ready for school.

Around the house...we are still preparing to paint our house. Hopefully very soon.

One of my favorite things...waking up early and sitting out on our deck.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The lessons, library, canning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...this is an interpreter at a living history museum we visit often. She shows us cooking techniques used in 1850.


Happy Mama said...

ey could you email the copy paste code for the Simple woman's daybook. The picture that appears at the top of your post...i contacted Peggy but she couldn't's a long Story!

Sandra said...

Great daybook Jen and I love that last photo, I only wish I had something like that nearby :)

kadezmom said...

Hey Jen! How are you? Sounds like things are busy busy busy. What did you teach today, on your first day of school for the year?

That's incredible about the corn. People are so awesome.

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi. I came over from Peggy's. I am trying to read all the daybook entries today. Wow. I think I only have about 100 or more left!
I loved your entry. Boy I wish I had a neighbor or friend that shared fresh produce.
Good luck getting it all put up.
Have a great homes school day one.

Happy Mama said...

Yeah i figured it out.. i know how to do that it's just when someone has a meme they usually have a copy and paste code and I couldn't locate it ANYWHERE...As for the three blogs. Hubby gives me some time each night...about 2 or 3 hours when he takes the kids for me. I finish any house work i have to do..ride my bike and then blog...One blog i only intend on posting once a week..the one for the kids. Then Happy home I can post ahead for things that i fore see and then my devotional blog..Is kind of for my own record and it's part of my devotions. I want to do it everyday..It's a kind of an accountability thing. i don;t care if people read it. Matter of fact if they do it makes me HAVE to keep doing it..but i won't use the address for meme's like I do with Happy home..Except for my Walk Mondays!..Does that answer your question!!! A lengthy comment I know..Sorry!